Welcome to ICT-AGRI

The overall goal of ICT-AGRI is to strengthen the European research within the area of precision farming and to develop a common European research agenda concerning ICT and robotics in agriculture. ICT-AGRI develops international research calls to pool fragmented human and financial resources over the boundaries of the participating countries, in order to improve both the efficiency and the effectiveness of Europe’s research efforts. More info can be found here.

ICT-AGRI Call 2017 - Farm Management Systems

ICT-AGRI is preparing a call for transnational projects to be launched in November 2016 and closed for applications in February 2017. Over the summer ICT-AGRI will discuss this call with stakeholders and potential applicants, and seek funding commitments. The scope of the call is to support activities concerning the implementation of Smart Applications on farms in three different areas. For further information read the attached document. Your opinion is important - Add a comment

ICT-AGRI 2016 Action Plan on Farm Management Systems

The Action Plan describes actions to be taken by the ICT-AGRI in 2016.
The goal of the new Action Plan is to define actions on how to stimulate the implementation of research & innovation topics focusing on Farm Management  Systems. Condensed on 27 pages the Action Plan gives and connects background information on ICT-AGRI's Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) with the specific research needs in different parts of FMS. The Action Plan is meant to form the basis for the 2016 call: ICT-AGRI Partnerships.

Agricultural Foresights and Reserch & Innovation Strategies

Several Agricultural Foresights and Reserch & Innovation Strategies have recently been published. It is interesting to see that ICT and robotics are essential ingredients in the European and national agenda for a future sustainable and efficient agriculture.
This article gives links to reports from Ireland, France and the EU. We are also interested in reports from other countries. Please share with us if you have something in mind in this respect.

New DFKI Competence Center (CC-SaAT) focuses on Artificial Intelligence for Agriculture

The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) can look back on many years of experience in the field of innovative technologies for agriculture. The DFKI bundles its extensive expertise in the new Competence Center Smart Agriculture Technologies (CC-SaAT) opened on July 1, 2016. The new center is intended to serve as a development and collaboration platform and central point of contact for partners from science and industry .
Saarbrücken, Kaiserslautern, Bremen und Osnabrück, 11.07.2016

ICT-AGRI Workshop at CIGR-AgEng Conference 2016

The ICT-AGRI Workshop took place 29th June 2016 during the CIGR-AgEng Conference 2016 in Aarhus, Denmark. The workshop was attended by 25 conference participants. 
Iver Thysen introduced to the workshop. The main topics in the presentation (see attachment) were a description of ICT-AGRI, the ongoing mapping by ICT-AGRI of projects related to ICT and robotics in agriculture, the need for collaboration among projects, business models for ICT and robotics in agriculture and the ICT-AGRI Call for projects in 2017.

Wanted: Mobile Apps to Handle Big Data from Space

From 12th - 19th September 2016, for the fifth time, ESA will be inviting 20 developers to its ESRIN location in Frascati (including travel expenses and accommodation). The Space App Camp is an opportunity to spend a week with like-minded people, gaining insight into the European Space Programmes, and learning how to enrich mobile applications with satellite data.

Call for papers in Agricultural Mechatronics

Call for papers for a Focused Section on Mechatronics Applications in Agriculture, IEE/ASME Transactions on MECHATRONICS, Paper submission deadline: 15 July 2016. For further information concerning topics and manuscript submission details, please download the full CFP