EFITA Conference 2015 – Matchmaking of relevant actors for advancement of ICT in Agriculture

The bi-annual EFITA Conferences have for the last 18 years been important events for the international community of researchers and developers within agricultural ICT. Numerous contributions of innovative applications and solutions created a podium for networking between the participants. The EFITA 2015 was a great occassion for presenting novel solutions for today's challenges of carrying agricultural ICT into the age of online based farm management.  

Within the program of the EFITA 2015 conference ICT-AGRI convened a workshop on the topic of the next ICT-AGRI call in 2016 which is Farm Management Information Systems (FMIS). A special part of this workshop was the result presentation of the EIP Focus group on ‘Mainstreaming Precision Farming’ by Willemine Brinkman and Kees Lokhorst.

EFITA/WCCA/CIGR 2015 was a joint conference of three associations: European Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture, Food and the Environment (EFITA), International Network for Information Technology in Agriculture – World Congress on Computers in Agriculture (INFITA – WCCA) and International Commission of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering – Technical Section VII: Information Technology (CIGR VII). All three associations deal with the use of ICT in the agri-food, bioresource and biomass sectors. Attached to this article you find some of the presentations given at the conference.

The next EFITA Conference will take place 2017 in Montpellier.


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