Collaborative ICT-AGRI & MANUFUTURE AET Workshop in November in Hannover

On 6th and 7th November 2015, the VDI Knowledge Forum in Hannover hosts the 73rd International Conference LAND.TECHNIK - AgEng 2015. The conference takes place every two years as a kick-off event of the agricultural exhibition AGRITECHNICA. This years motto: "Innovations in Agricultural Engineering for Efficient Farming" - latest developments in agricultural technology and latest research results.

On Friday the 6th in the frame of the engineering conference LAND.TECHNIK - AgEng 2015 with about 800 participants ICT-AGRI and MANUFUTURE AET are organising a collaborative workshop. In three different sections high quality speakers gave an overview about funding opportunities and project results.

First session concentrates on Agricultural Engineering Research Objectives, second on the Reports from MANUFUTURE AET and ERA-Net ICT-AGRI and the third on EU Key Objectives, Projects and Research Results.

You find the porgramme of the collaborative Workshop here.

Some background information on MANUFUTURE:

MANUFUTURE is the Agricultural Engineering and Technologies Sub- Technology-Platform (Sub-ETP) established in 2006 in the beginning mainly driven by the German VDMA and the VDI-MEG. It represents Europe’s agricultural engineering research community at the EC Directorate General Research.

The AET has developed technology visions with a strong focus on two issues:
1. Development and implementation of visionary production technologies in alignment with MANUFUTURE’s main organization,

2. Development of agricultural automation technology in combination with methodologies from industrial production for highly sustainable agricultural manufacturing.

More information on MANUFUTURE AET on