Projects of the ICT-AGRI 2015 Call are starting

Eight projects coming out of the ICT-AGRI 2015 Call Enabling Precision Farming have already started or will soon start their work to enhance the uptake of Precision Farming techniques.

Precision Farming (PF) is a key element in sustainable intensification, which means to increase the food production while reducing the environmental footprint. As the largest contributor to climate change as well as other global challenges agriculture has to adapt quickly if mankind wants to meet these challenges. Precision Farming raises hopes to manage the balancing act between feeding more and more people while preserving the basis of life on earth also for future generations.

Although Precision Farming has been studied and developed for more than two decades, adoption of the technology in primary agriculture is still behind expectations. There are, therefore, needs for research, development and innovation concerning the adoption of Precision Farming in primary agriculture.

The ICT-AGRI 2015 Call adressed this topic and aimed at leveraging PF techniques for a broader implementation. The virtual common pot of the call was stocked with 5.6 Mill. Euro by eleven participating countries. Independent experts evaluated the incoming proposals and chose the best for further processing with the result of eight outcoming projects.

You find the list of the projects with title, topic, partners and duration on ICT-AGRIs website under the item "Calls and Projects". From that page you can contact the the project partners.